Which T-Shirt Brand is the best?

There are several elements that make a T-Shirt brand stand out as the best. In reality, it all depends on you, the customer. Here’s some considerations to help you decide.

A good T-Shirt brand will offer its customers a wide range of fits and sizes. Most brands offer men, women and unisex T-Shirts. Where men’s and women’s T-Shirts are tailored to suit a man and woman’s figure respectively, a unisex T-Shirt offers more of a classic fit and tends to be a little boxier. Fits range from classic/straight fit to regular fit to slim fit while sizes can be anywhere between XXS-5XL.


Classic/Straight Fit

This type of fit is generous around the waist and chest and is cut broader across the shoulders. The side seams are cut straight and the sleeves are baggy.

Regular Fit

A little more fitted than a classic fit, this type of T-Shirt sits lose around the body without bagging. It drapes nicely around the body but leaves enough room to be comfortable. The sleeves are full but not overly baggy.

Slim Fit

This type follows the shape of the body without being too tight. It’s cut closer around the waist, chest and arms and the sides are tapered to avoid bagging. The sleeves are the tightest out of the three fits.



Often when considering T-Shirts, one should consider whether they want a heavyweight or lightweight T-Shirt. What’s the difference? It all depends on the T-Shirt’s grams per square meter (gsm).


These T-Shirts tend to weigh over 6oz and are thicker than lightweight Tees. They are usually durable enough to undergo wash after wash. They are suitable for all occasions. A good quality crew neck T-Shirt will be somewhere between 150-180gsm.


These T-Shirts weigh less than 6oz. a lightweight T-Shirt has a gsm below 155gsm and would be more suitable for a warm climate, nightwear or layering.  They are usually cheaper than heavyweight T-Shirts because they use less material but they are not as long-lasting.


Something else you should consider is how sustainable the brand you’re supporting is. Pathetic Brands offers good quality T-Shirts of 180gsm. As a sustainable brand, they rate their products in what's known as a 'Pathetic Rating' to be clear with their customers just how sustainable each product is. See our 5 ways to Sustainable Clothing.