What Is Sustainability?

If someone asked you to explain the concept of sustainability, what would you say? Is it all about saving the turtles? Or reducing the greenhouse gases we produce? Or maybe it’s all to do with recycling plastic?

Effectively, these answers are correct but the concept of sustainability is far more complex yet interesting. Sustainability is usually associated with the environment and climate change alone. Many people are led to believe that they are being more sustainable by making small changes such as using less electricity in the house and recycling.

While small changes multiplied by millions of people will indeed make a huge difference, more often than not, checking everything is turned off in the house becomes tedious and you can’t be bothered after a while. Beyond this, most of our electricity is produced using fossil fuels and changing to renewables is going to take time.

Now I’m not saying the little things don’t matter nor am I saying that we shouldn’t recycle. Right now, anything is better than nothing…but how do we work towards a sustainable future? A world which can function as we want it to yet have no nasty side-affects…How do we, as individuals, make a difference? The best way you can become more sustainable is through understanding it.

Sustainability can be simplified by breaking it down into three pillars. They include society, environment and economy. Let’s put this in terms of what we offer at Pathetic Brands.

Society: We offer affordable, exciting, purposeful, high quality and long-lasting products. Each product is associated with a charity/cause and we try to use ethically certified manufactures where possible. We want to offer something for the customer without compromising the labourer. 

Environment: Pathetic Brands is limiting its impact on the world by using plastic-free packaging and plastic-free products where possible (see the about us page for details). Organic materials are priority and synthetics are  avoided if possible.  

Economy: We relish in the opportunity of offering products manufactured or branded locally in Wales as we feel the economic benefits for companies and their employees as well as long-lasting quality for our customers makes it a win win for everyone.

While Pathetic Brands does not carry out Life Cycle Assessments on their products, they do assign Pathetic Ratings.

Check out their Friesian T-Shirt which is 100% Organic Cotton, Vegan Approved and Tested for Harmful Substances. The manufacturer is approved by certifiers of Organic Cotton and Fair Pay. It has a Pathetic Rating of 2/3. Don’t believe me? Find out more here