About Our Emblem

Pathetic Brands’ emblem may appear to be a simple arrangement of four circles however it has substantial purpose and meaning. It is designed to encapsulate the company’s background, vision and mission:

  1. The Sustainability Venn Diagram.

The three internal circles form the well-known sustainability Venn diagram which is used to rate the sustainability of our products (A Pathetic Rating). It represents the key components of sustainability; Society, Environment and Economy. Only the centre segment is deemed as sustainable, effectively an overlap of all three circles.

  1. The Company Initials.

It is unusual to see the sustainability Venn diagram turned on its side but with a little imagination, the single circle on the left can be seen to be a “P” and the two right circles a “B”. When put together, they form “PB” for Pathetic Brands.

  1. The Triquetra Knot.

As a company based in Wales, a Celtic Nation, the central part of the emblem forms the Triquetra Knot. This meaningful Welsh Celtic symbol symbolises eternity and equality as well as the mind, body, soul; thought, emotion, feeling; past, present, future, and creation, preservation, destruction. When enclosed with a circle, this unity of spirit is protected forever.   

  1. The World.

The larger circle represents the planet and the three internal circles form the continents. It emphasises the need for unity of people around the globe to protect our home. This is encouraged by our mantra; Work with the Planet, not against it. Here, planet signifies the World and everything on it.