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Pamper Duo

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Officially pathetic

With each passing day, more and more people learn that living sustainably is becoming more of a necessity than a luxury. While making the transition to buying sustainable everyday essentials, one engineering student realised there was no single identifiable brand that he could feel a part of and more often than not, sustainable products were uninspiring and expensive. He decided he would fill this gap in the market.

It was essential the brand's name stood out and pushed the boundaries of modern consumerism. How could the brand inspire people to move into the next revolution if it had a name suitable to the last Century? How could it inspire people to move from comparing each other to supporting each other if it had a boring name like so many other brands?

Realising this reality brought one word to mind: Pathetic. In that moment of reflection dawned the name Pathetic Brands; a bold and amusing name ready for the new age. Pathetic Brands was launched in 2018.

The 16th Century meaning of Pathetic was discovered while checking its definition. It turns out the archaic meaning meant "to excite passion" and the Greek 'pathētikos' meant "capable of feeling". We decided our mission statement would be 'Exicte passion through Nature' because rather than telling you to 'be sustainable', we believe you will become more and more sustainable naturally, once you've found something in nature that excites your passion and stirs your emotions. Only then will you become Officially Pathetic.


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About Our Emblem

About Our Emblem

Pathetic Brands’ emblem may appear to be a simple arrangement of four circles however it has substantial purpose and meaning. It is designed to enc...

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